• Bongo the Squeegly

Bongo the Squeegly

Isn't he so cool? I think he is just adorable.

I made this cute toy from Jean Greenhowe's little gift dolls: Eighteen delightful knitted characters book, however instead of keeping her name of Jelly Babies my husband suggested I be more creative. My mind went blank but he thought of having a "Squeegly" family and I really liked the idea! Bongo is the first in what I hope will be an expanding collection of toys, all with their own characters and stories to enjoy.

Bongo is a eco-friendly Squeegly who wears recycled clothes and cycles everywhere. He works in a charity shop, where he makes all the girls laugh but the older ladies think he's odd! Bongo's favourite food is Mexican although he also loves making fruit smoothies. His hobbies are meeting friends in the park, playing frisbee, camping and having barbeques on the beach. Bongo has a very kind and fun personality however his friends sometimes get fed-up with his lectures on being "green".

Bongo the Squeegly

I think this would make such a fun present for child or adult; I know someone who has already requested one for their Christmas present and they are no longer at school!

I knitted this lovable toy using James C. Brett Top Value DK wool in lime and facial features are in black. It measures approximately 21cm in height. To be honest it was a challange as I have never knitted toys before but I found the pattern simple and easy to follow. I only needed 3mm needles, toy stuffing, scissors, pins, and a wool needle to make Bongo.

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Do you like Bongo? What about his story? Do any of you make up stories for things you knit? Any comments would be much appreciated.