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Hi, my name is Siona (pronounced Sho-na) Karen and I love designing crochet patterns inspired by nature.

I started on my crochet journey two years ago and since then I have been practising hard, learning new techniques and developing my own designs.

My other passions include reading, gardening, walking in the countryside, having picnics, romance, chocolate, period drama, the environment, wildlife and anything else crafty!

As you can see my other interests are very nature based and nature features heavily in the inspiration for my crochet patterns and designs. I love the beauty of the countryside and really enjoy trying to recreate a little element of that in my crochet. Whether it is a flower or leaf or animal I love working out the shapes and textures and colours to make something from nature.

This blog, Siona Karen, is devoted to the ongoing craft adventures that I have. It features helpful resources and free patterns as well as telling you about my current craft projects and patterns.

To contact Siona Karen email: sionakaren[at]gmail[dot]com

Praise for Siona Karen crochet patterns:

"Siona is a wonderfully talented crochet designer! This pattern is super easy to follow, very reasonably priced, and unique to every other Dahlia crochet pattern I have seen. I will definitely go back." ~ Etsy feedback

"Lovely pattern with clear instructions." ~ Etsy feedback

"I love this rose pattern, it's a bit different from the rest." ~ Etsy feedback

"This is amazingly realistic!" ~ Ravelry feedback

"Thank you for an easy, straight-forward pattern that works up quickly and has a lovely result! Just what I was looking for!" ~ Ravelry feedback