• Knitted Bracelets

Pink Flower BraceletGreen Leaf Bracelet

My latest creations for Etsy; a range of knitted bracelets.

The original pattern comes from Jean Greenhowe's bazaar knits: Forty fund-raising novelties book, and I made the variations by altering colours, sizes, number of flowers and leaves. I think the bracelets are really quirky and fun, something you could wear for any occasion and because they are so versatile in their design they could be adapted to anyones preference.

Red Flower BraceletBlack Knitted Bracelet

I used DK wool in the following colours; red, black, cream, pink, lime and emerald green.

However the thing I love most about these bracelets is that underneath all the wool, the basis to the design, is part of a plastic bottle. I am passionate about recycling and so if I can recycle my drinks bottles into something as pretty as these, then what an achievement!

Red Flower/Leaf Bracelet

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What other recyclable materials are good for making jewellery or for incorporating into crafts? Is it something you are keen to do? Let me know your thoughts and ideas by commenting below.