• Free Crochet Flower Pattern: Cornflower

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Blue flowers fascinate me, they seem mysterious, perhaps because there aren't that many of them. I particularly like cornflowers because they are native wildflowers and are great for attracting bees and butterflies. I grew some in a pot in my little yard last summer and they made me smile and think of wild meadows and picnics.


This crochet pattern is easy and would be suitable for any ability, it is worked in rows. I use abbreviations according to UK crochet language. The finished cornflower is approximately 7cm (2.75") in diameter. This flower could be used as a brooch or hairpiece, to embellish a bag or simply as a floral decoration.

Tools Needed:
3.5mm (US size E) crochet hook
yarn needle

Yarn Needed:
DK yarn in blue (approx. 6g)

Other Materials Needed:
1 x 1.5cm lilac button


ch = chain
dc = double crochet
htr = half treble crochet
tr = treble crochet
dtr = double treble crochet
sl st = slipstitch
sts = stitches
R = round or row
[...] = repeat instructions in square brackets



Make a slipknot and ch 25. Turn.

R1 - [2 dc in next st] x 4,
[2 htr in next st] x 8,
[2 tr in next st] x 12, turn. (48 sts)

R2 - [4 ch & dtr in same st, 4 ch, sl st in next st] x 24
[3 ch & tr in same st, 3 ch, sl st in next st] x 16
[2 ch & htr in same st, 2 ch, sl st in next st] x 7.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

With thinnest end in centre, wind the length of crochet round and round so that a flower of several layers if formed. Sew the layers together.

Sew the button to the centre of the flower to complete.

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