• Sunday Sunshines

Sun Stamp
(Photo by kateplee)

This week my Sunday Sunshines come from blog posts that are inspiring me and encouraging me to try new things both in the crafting world and in the garden (well if I had one that is, and I will try them when I get one!).

Firstly crafty things; Gretel at Middle of Nowhere has been trying her hand at fabric stamping, I would love to try this out and then use the material to make a bag perhaps. I came across another great craft shop today and discovered it had loads and loads of cool crafting resources including fabric paint so you never know.

Lousie at Thirty-Five Flowers has been adding to her stock of beautiful cushion covers. This is the first project that I want to make with my sewing machine, yes I know I haven't actually used it yet! I have even bought the material and the cushions to go inside!

Paper and String, as alway, has been busy making their gorgeous felt boxes; I would love to make something like these to keep my crafting things in. I particularly like the apple design in this post.

And now to the garden: as I have probably mentioned before I would love to have a garden and one of the things I would like to do (if it is big enough of course) is to keep a couple of goats. Humble Garden gives great advice for goatkeeping and the pictures of their recently born kids were just so adorable I had to share them with you.

Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits is also a gardening inspiration with her chickens and beautifully designed raised beds. I love her old style gardening basket/trug too!

Finally it is Prairie Mouse and her harvest of popping corn. I had never really thought about where popping corn came from and I don't know if it's possible to grow in the UK (which is where I plan to have a garden someday) but I will be investigating!