• Sunday Sunshines

(Photo by ejbSF)

This week I have been thinking a lot about my dreams and what I want to do with my life. I think in our everyday lives it is all too easy to loose sight of our dreams, ideals and ambitions. A programme that I have been watching for a few weeks now has reminded me of mine and so my Sunday Sunshine for this week is from the tv. A Farmer's Life For Me, broadcast on BBC 2, features couples competing for the chance to win a farm in Suffolk. Now I don't want a farm; I don't want to earn my money through growing crops or keeping animals and having to make a business from the land. However my dream is to own a large patch of garden to grow my own fruit and vegetables, keep chickens and perhaps a couple of goats in order to live a more sustainable life. I love to grow plants, the whole process excites me and I can't wait to have my own patch of ground to create a garden and produce from. Sometimes it feels like that life is a long way off for me but I feel inspired and after a lovely talk with my husband I feel more motivated to work towards my dream rather than fearing it may never come true. A Farmer's Life For Me reminded me of all the things that I enjoy about the land and how I would like to be in touch with it in my own small way.