• Sunday Sunshines

(photo by Bethan)

This weeks highlights for me were almost entirely inspired by or made for children. Coincidence or just convenient for my blog post I don't know but going through my choices I just realised the connection. The only odd one out is Gennine's Art Blog. This week she posted pictures of the beautiful branch she found by the side of the road, which she collected and is now on display in her home. I love nature and I often find things to take home with me that remind me of the outside world, whether it's pine cones or shells or a nice leaf.

The first of the children inspired posts this week came from Larissa at mmmcrafts. She did a brilliant post of where her children's hair accessories disappear to; elephant earrings, dog leash, beanie expeditions to Africa etc. Those kids have a great imagination and are much more inventive than I ever was. Such a fun post!

The following three Sunday Sunshines are beautiful items made for children; Larissa from mmmcrafts made really cool bags for her daughters for Valentines day, Posie Gets Cozy made a gorgeous little coat with the most adorable buttons and Betz Wite also made Valentines presents for her children in the form of these amazing toy owls.

My final inspiration this week came from Natasha Collins at Amelie's House. She hosted a birthday party for her daughter which was themed around old children's books. The creativity in that household is phenominal; a beautiful cake was made based on Tatty Ratty by Helen Cooper, the food was laid out on old children's books, the pinata was made from old story books, the kids spent the party making their own books, and the bunting was made from old picture books. And that is to name just a few of the details involved in the party. Wonderful, magical and trully inspirational!