• Siona's Finally Got a Sewing Machine!


Yes I have indeed finally got a sewing machine. I took the plunge (after much deliberation and humming and hawing) and bought myself a Singer sewing machine. I am very excited! I can't wait to start making things, I have a fairly large list of things I would like to create; dresses, skirts, cushions, decorative items, hairbands, a knitting needle case etc etc not to mention the pieces of clothing that I can now fix without hours of hand sewing!

But I think first things are first.
One: I must finish my other craft projects first. I have two projects already mid-way through and another that has to be done before any sewing machine creations are started.
Two: I must actually learn how to use the thing and practice my technique before I go rampaging off into sewing wilderness and waste a whole load of expensive material!

It's still exciting to look at though even if I have to control my urge to play with it!