• No Luck, Keep Trying!


Yesterday I had the idea of searching in charity shops to find materials for my craftmaking and so this morning I decided to go looking. On previous charity shop outings, I have always been amazed at how many knitting needles and bits of wool there would be and the number of books about crafts. However today, I couldn't find anything useful. I scoured the shelves for any books that might have even one useful pattern or project in but there was a distinct lack of craft books and I couldn't find any needles or wool. So frustrating! But I guess that's the thing about looking for second hand materials, one day there may be lots of what you need, the next there's none.

My next plan of action is to go to St. George's Market on Friday morning, as I have seen a wool stall there before so I may have more luck. I did win two knitting patterns on Ebay though: Jean Greenhowe's "Knitted Bazaar" and Jean Greenhowe's "Little Gift Dolls".