• Saddleback Pig Knitting Pattern

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Hector the British Saddleback Pig is very friendly and very large. He looks a little unusual as one of his ears sticks up and the other flops down but he doesn't mind. Hector likes lying in the mud because he thinks that no-one can see him (but he forgets that he has a light pink stripe)! He is a very fat pig for two reasons; 1) he loves to eat the slops from the farmhouse rather than the healthy fruit and vegetables and 2) he spends too much time lying in the mud and not enough time walking around getting exercise.

The British Saddleback Pig is an amalgamation of two breeds of pig, the Wessex Saddleback from the New Forest and the Essex pig of East Anglia.


Difficulty Rating:
This knitting pattern involves knitting the body, legs and head as a whole piece and then adding the tail and ears as separate pieces. The finished pig is approximately 20cm (8”) in length.
Tools needed: 3mm (US size 2) knitting needles, scissors, a yarn needle and a measuring tape or ruler.

Yarn needed: DK yarn in black (approx. 12g) and skin colour (8g).

Other materials needed: 1 pair of 6mm black safety eyes and polyester/toy stuffing (approx. 30g).


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