• Candy-floss: Siona's Sugar Mice


This mouse is called Candy-floss and she is one of Siona's Sugar Mice. She is kind and friendly so I hope you will become good friends. Candy-floss loves to hear stories, especially adventure ones about animals like Watership Down and Black Beauty . Do you know any good stories? She also really likes baking cookies. Her favourites are white chocolate chip and oat and raisin. Her dad, Toffee Apple, is the local postman and she likes to hear all about his morning round when he comes home, he usually has a funny tale to tell.


Candy-floss lives at the fun-fair but she doesn't like the rides very much. She prefers to sit on the swing or under the big oak tree watching the lights dance in the night sky. Candy-floss is still at school but when she grows up she would like to become an astronomer and study the stars.


This cute little mouse is the first in a collection called Siona's Sugar Mice. Each mouse has their own unique story like Candy-floss but they also interact with one another in little tales of mice too. I will be posting all of their adventures here so keep a look out!


Candy-floss is looking for a new home and someone to look after her and tell her bedtime stories so if you think you would like to do so or know someone else who would love the oppotunity then pop over to my Etsy store.