• They are appearing!


I am so excited, the seeds I planted a week ago have started to appear! I love seeing seeds begin to grow, sprout more leaves, grow taller, and flourish into whatever plant they are destined to become.


I know they are still extremely small but great things come from small beginnings! I have planted: Bellis perennis (the Common Daisy) and Chrysanthemum coccineum (the Painted Daisy) because I really love these simple flowers, a wildflower mix to remind me of the countryside and Nasturtiums for some trailing flowers.

Helpful tip: if you want to save money on buying seed trays, why not use old food containers? I have planted my seeds into the cartons which mushrooms, tomatoes and icecream came in. Yoghurt pots can also work well or even egg boxes which can be planted straight into the ground as they decompose. Save money and recycle!