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After buying myself a sewing maching yesterday I realised that we had nowhere to keep it, no permanent home for it to live and no working space to use it unless I constantly moved it on and off our dining table. So guess what, I had to go shopping! Luckily my husband is very supportive in such matters and is very encouraging of my crafting hobby so off we went to buy a piece of furniture for my creative space. After much deliberation, again, we ended up with a bit of a change around and bought a new desk for my husband and I got his old one which is a nice big table. I am really happy as now I have my own space to create and there is plenty of room for all the sewing I hope to be doing soon. Of course we couldn't stop at just buying the furniture that day, we had to build it, rearrange the living room and then organise our own spaces. Here are the important features of my new crafting space (from top right clockwise):

Craft Space collage

1. Farm animal clips on my wall for future notes, postcards and anything else that inspires me. These were a present from my husband from the Christmas market in Vienna, so fun I think.
2. My pile of material.
3. Penguin pencil, so cute, also a present from my lovely husband.
4. My boxes of yarn.
5. My folder of craft books and patterns.
5. My Singer sewing machine.
7. Pooh's useful tin, where I keep all my little crafting accessories; pins, crochet hooks, scissors, measuring tape, stitch counters etc etc.