• Introducing Hector

Down A Country Lane, there is a farm, with animals for you to meet... like Hector, my British Saddleback Pig.

Hector is a very friendly and very large pig. He looks a little unusual as one of his ears sticks up and the other flops down but he doesn't mind. Hector likes lying in the mud because he thinks that no-one can see him (but he forgets that he has a light pink stripe)! He is a very fat pig for two reasons; 1. He loves to eat the slops from the farmhouse rather than the healthy fruit and vegetables, 2. He spends too much time lying in the mud and not enough time walking around getting exercise.

Hector recently won a very prestigious prize at his local country fair. He was awarded the "Best Saddleback Boar". It was while he was at this fair that Hector met his fiancée Beatrice. While in his pen, Hector enjoys to look at the lady pigs. Normally he just looks and admires the view but when a Tamworth pig walked past he was struck by her beauty and felt something he had never felt before. It was love at first sight. Beatrice on the other hand was not so forthcoming even though she was attracted to Hector. She knew her parents would want her to marry another Tamworth, not a Saddleback. However her eyes lit up when she spotted Hector's rosette for "Best Saddleback Boar". Beatrice knew everything would be well and she would be married soon.

Hector is very excited about his marriage to Beatrice and she is due to move in to my farm within the next two weeks. Hector is getting the sty all tidy and making an extra big mud bath for them both to relax in!

Hector has been designed and hand-knitted by myself and is avaible to purchase at my Etsy shop.