• From Small Beginnings Come Great Things

STP62075 (by Siona Watson)

Last week I went for a lovely walk in our nearby park in order to collect leaves! I was going to get the children in my after school club to do leaf printing one afternoon. However as much as I enjoyed finding different shapes and colours of leaves, I was much more excited to find acorns. I think they are such lovely seeds and so I started collecting them on our walk. I only found five (I think the squirrels must have been busy) but I plan to plant them to see if I can get an oak tree to grow. According to the BBC gardening website it is as easy as putting them in a pot with some compost, keeping them watered, and waiting til Spring to see if I have got any seedlings. Apparently you can grow them in pots for about a year (in that time they will grow about a foot) which is good news as I only have a courtyard for a garden. My aim is to start growing lots of trees, in particular fruit trees, so that when I am lucky enough to have my own garden, I will have some beautiful trees to grow in it.

Why not go for an Autumn walk this week and see what you can find? Get your children to collect conkers, acorns and sycamore helicopters and plant them for a wonderful growing project.