• Market Day

Today I went to St. George's Market, Belfast, in search of wool and I was in luck! There were two brilliant wool stalls, displaying every colour you could possibly imagine. I knew I was looking for wool, but I hadn't anticipated such a range or choice and I must have stood there for ages (looking quite dumbfounded) before I made my somewhat tentative choice. From "Knit One Purl One" I chose James C. Brett Top Value DK Wool in Lime, Lemon, Pink, Brown and Black. Then from the other (unnamed) stall I chose 2 balls of DK Special wool by Stylecraft in Emerald Green. I plan to make a child's Beret with the dark green. The rest will probably be incorporated into some knitted toys.


I then went to our local craft shop and bought knitting needles, brooch backs and some felt. Again I was in awe of all the colours, and if I had the funds I would have bought a sheet of each, but being sensible I decided to narrow it down to 5 colours; Forest Green, Emerald, Yellow, Shocking Pink and Purple.