• Inspiring Nature


Everybody needs time to relax; time to recharge your mind, body and soul. We all need some peace and quiet, an opportunity to reflect and contemplate life. I felt I needed that recently. With all the pressures of moving house, moving to a new city, a new country, beginning to start a small business, hours spent at the computer researching, designing, uploading, I felt bogged down. I am someone who loves nature, loves to be out in the countryside, watching wildlife, admiring plants and trees and having time to enjoy it's beauty. It is where I feel most at peace within myself, where I think the most and more clearly, where I feel comfortable and where eventually I want to live. The countryside for me is where I can be free; I can truly be myself.

So when the opportunity of camping in Tollemore Country Park arouse I was grateful and excited. Although the weather was extremely changeable, we went from brilliant sunshine on Saturday morning to wild winds and torrential rain through the night, the weekend was really fun. My husband and I took a lovely walk on the Saturday and here are some of my favourite pictures from the day, inspiring nature.
We were sitting on a lovely stone bench, in the sun, watching the river when I noticed this beautiful creature land near us. I love to see butterflies, they seem magical and fairy-like. This Peacock butterfly seemed to be enjoying the warmth too.
This photo is of the light streaming through the trees onto a calm stretch of the river. It looked like there were crystals growing in the water and it had an etheral feel to it.
Along the river was a ruin of a hermitage. We enjoyed exploring the remainder of the building and sat inside part of it for a quiet reflection, this was our view and I love the contrast of the hard stone with the soft landscape behind.
A beautiful example of natures produce. I was leading along a narrow bushy path when the path suddenly turned and I caught sight of this gorgeous plant and its abundant berries. I don't know what it is so if anyone does please let me know.
There were so many streams and rivers on our walk and it was really hard to choose my favourite photo of them. However I like how this captures the trees, ferns, little waterfall and the grass behind. You can almost hear the water and smell the forest aroma.

Do you have a favourite place to relax? Does nature inspire you?